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A Large Albino Warg from the Frozen North

“The massive White Warg was the Matriarch of the Warg brood, that was sent with Azog
to capture and kill Thorin Oakens
hield and the company of dwarves heading for the Lonely Mountain.”

The Hobbit: AUJ

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TolkienLegend3The story of the White Warg that served as the steed of Azog the Defiler is largely unknown and mainly based upon rumor. It is said that she was birthed in the orcs pits of Mount Gundabad and savagely fought her way to be leader among the Wargs. 891978_501719799863630_44650585_oAzog was drawn to her massive strength and size, not to mention her pale countenance, that matched his own. The Pale Orc of Gundabad took the White Warg under his wing and fed her only the choicest meats, building on her great strength and speed. Orc and Warg bonded and none but Azog could ride upon her back and live.

In battle no warrior could withstand Azog upon his White Warg, and no Uruk under his command would risk a challenge to his rank, because the White Warg would tear to pieces any orc that dared threaten her master.

Azog mated her with only the largest and most fierce males in the pack, creating a brood of truly terrifying Wargs. She became known as the Matriarch among this breed of Gundabad Wargs, which Azog would ultimately in battle, when Sauron rose in secret in Dol Guldur and made Azog the commander of his armies.

This version of events contradicts many other events chronicled in the Red Book of Westmarch, so one must take these rumors and legends about the White Warg with a grain of salt. The ultimate fate of the White Warg reminds unknown, for none now live who remember it. Some believe that Azog kept his prize steed in Mount Gundabad during the Battle of the Five Armies, not wanting her to be lost in war. Did she remain there in the lonely Tower of Gundabad, waiting for his return? Or did she flee into the northern waste to live out her time surrounded by her evil brood?

Perhaps she lives there still, hunting in the hills of the frozen north, having outlived all her kind. Always she looks to the East, hoping perhaps that her pale master might one day return to her and they might ride once more into battle.



“The White Warg was wed to her Master and would allow none to approach him without a word of command.”


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