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Jul 302015

I suppose the question had to be asked…

If you could pick one character from another book or film franchises to try and vanquish the Dark Lord of Mordor upon his Dark Throne, who would it be?

One final battle to rule them all?

Ben Russell of MoviePilot asks this interesting question, but then offers a rather silly answer in a recent article on their film site… how might you answer this question?

The article begin with a discussion of Gandalf and Dumbledore… then they add Yoda… but then it all goes to hell in a handbasket when they bring in Katniss Evergreen… really?

I for one believe in the idea of fighting fire with fire… so I might choose Darkness from the film Legend or maybe The Nothing from The Neverending Story. What do you think?


Let’s face it, Sauron is near impossible to defeat by just one adversary. Here are four characters that could end his reign of terror on Middle Earth, should they come together to fight his evil.

Sauron is the most powerful, evil being in all the world. When he has his ring, he is damn near impossible to destroy. If he should get his hands on “The One Ring To Rule Them All,” you might as well call it a day and just throw yourself off a cliff.

In this epic battle, Sauron has gathered enough strength to take physical form. However, he does not have his ring… that is in the hands of one of the four heroes I’ve chosen, who shall be revealed in the end.

Without further ado, here is the first adversary that should fight Sauron in the most epic battle of all time.


Gandalf The White is arguably the most important character in the whole series of The Lord of the Rings. After slaying the mighty monster Balrog in the first film, he comes back to us in the second film as a much stronger, much wiser, much more invincible being. He has pretty much been elevated as one of the most powerful magical beings in the entire world. He commands light, which is the one thing that can truly counteract Sauron’s darkness. His wisdom, guidance, knowledge of Middle Earth, and sheer friendship would help the ring bearer reach Mt. Doom and destroy the ring. His power, on the other hand, would make for an epic battle against Sauron as he distracts him (to give the ring-bearer more time).

Read the full posting HERE... then post your own thoughts in the comment section below.

 July 30, 2015  Posted by at 8:50 am
  • TroyTroodon

    Darkseid, Loki, Thanos, Raiden?

  • CT

    Gandalf the White got his a$$ kicked by the Morgul Lord…next.

  • LMAO

  • Roberto Took

    How about Superman, Morgoth, or the Flash (he’s actually extremely more powerful than you’d think)

  • John The Defiler

    Chakravartin. Bye Sauron!

  • I think Morgoth is of course the correct answer… he is one of the Ainur and so could crush Sauron…

  • A very powerful god!

  • I also wanted to put a vote in for Chernabog, the massive Slavic demon in Night on Bald Mountain!


  • CT

    In sticking with middle earth. I’m going with Ilúvatar.

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