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Apr 302018

Vintage Van Art

Nothing says 1970s like a custom van, with a paint job featuring whatever cool thing you were into at the time and Middle-earth was no exception!

“In the 1970s, many van owners took their shaggin’ wagons seriously and tricked them out to the limit: Big shiny sidepipes with mellow sound, plush interior carpeting for maximum fornication, duals to amp up the horsepower and perhaps most importantly, the artwork on the sides.” ~ Flashbak.com

Take a peek below at these vintage Hobbit and Lord of the Rings paint jobs on the sides of these 1970s vans!

In the 1970s, pop-culture made its way on to the sides of vans to personalize and advertise what you loved. Album covers, book covers, movies and TV art were often found among the custom paint jobs you could find blazoned across all parts of vans from the mid to late seventies.

Tricked out vans become an art form all their own with their exteriors becoming modern murals. Vans were part muscle car, part apartment on wheels, and, of course, part art canvas, serving as a very groovy way to express oneself.

The folks at Flashbak.com express it this way…

There were no minivans in the 1970s.  This was a time before the van had been tamed, before it had been neutered into the soccer-mom machine that it is today.  In the 1970s, vans didn’t carry spoiled kids drinking juice-boxes and watching Spongebob…. quite the contrary.  Vans were basically a bedroom on wheels.  No Spongebob, no juice boxes, no trips to organized sporting events in the suburbs…. just lots of sex and recreational drug use.  You might say the 1970s full size van was the crazy uncle of the modern minivan – the uncle that lived dangerously in the 70s, then flamed out at decade’s end.

Here is a Lord of the Rings themed van…

Checkout this article from Truckin, a magazine devoted to all things hotrod from November of 1980. This is a 1974 Chevy Van tricked out by Rodger Nitti, who took The Lord of the Rings theme inside and out! Photos courtesy of 2 Warps to Neptune.com

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