“The Eldar knew not whence she came;
but some have said that in ages before she descended from the darkness that lies about Arda,
when Melkor first looked down in envy upon the Kingdom of Manwë, and that in the beginning she was one of those
that he corrupted to his service.”

The Silmarillion

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Ungoliant was a creature of great evil, a dark spirit that took spider form, and whose true origins will remain forever a mystery. She was a creature apart and her progeny would live to torment an unhappy world for millennium to come.

Unlike most of the Dark Servants of Shadow in Middle-earth, Ungoliant was not of Morgoth’s making. Was her evil enhanced by his wickedness, likely, but her origins lay back in a time when the first Anuir came down into the world. Some believe she was one of the Maiar, a spirit of lesser power though she is not counted among those who descended from the heavens to help direct the world. It has also been said, that she came from the darkness above Arda, a manifestation of all that was empty and void.

Ungoliant1Morgoth sought her aid in his war against the Valar, promising her the great jewels including the three Silmarils. She helped him enter Valinor in secret by shrouding them both in webs of shadow. Morgoth then wounded the Two Trees with a great spear and Ungoliant drank all the light that bled out of them until they were dead. Ungoliant also drained the Wells of Varda, so that nothing remained of the Light of the Two Lamps save that of the Silmarils of Fëanor.

After returning to Middle-earth, Morgoth fed her many great gems of power, but could not sate her hunger. Ungoliant had grown unbelievably powerful after devouring the light of Valinor and Morgoth was unable to control her. He hid from her the three Silmarils to keep for himself. Sensing his betrayal, the enraged Ungoliant would have destroyed him if the Balrogs with their whips of fire had not come to his aid.

Ungoliant fled the wrath of the Balrogs and hid deep withing Ered Gorgoroth in Beleriand. There, she begat many offspring, including Shelob, which spread throughout the Ered Gorgoroth and gave it a reputation as a place of terror. Eventually Ungoliant disappeared from recorded history and her fate remains known. Some believe she disappeared into the south of the world before the coming of First Age, eventually devouring her own flesh in an extremity of hunger.


Ungoliant3During the great Battles of the War of Wrath Ungoliant came forth…

“Then the Unlight of Ungoliant rose up even to the roots of the trees, and Melkor sprang upon the mound; and with his black spear he smote each Tree to its core, wounded them deep, and their sap poured forth as it were their blood, and was spilled upon the ground. But Ungoliant sucked it up, and going then from Tree to Tree she set her black beak to their wounds, till they were drained; and the poison of Death that was in her went into their tissues and withered them, root, branch, and leaf; and they died.
And still she thirsted, and going to the Wells of Varda she drank them dry; but Ungoliant belched forth black vapours as she drank, and swelled to a shape so vast and hideous that Melkor was afraid.”

From The Silmarillion in the chapter ‘Of the Voyage of Eärendil’


The last host of Morgoth issued forth from Angband with black wings and fire…

Thus [Melkor] came at last to the dark region of Avathar.  That narrow land lay south of the Bay of Eldamar, beneath the easter feet of the Pelóri, and its long and mournful shores stretched away into the south, lightless and unexplored. 
There, beneath the sheer walls of the mountains and the cold dark sea, the shadows were deepest and thickest in the world; and there in Avathar, secret and unknown, Ungoliant had made her abode.

From The Silmarillion in the chapter ‘Of the Voyage of Eärendil’



“And still she thirsted, and going to the Wells of Varda she drank them dry;
but Ungoliant belched forth black vapours as she drank, and swelled to a shape so vast and hideous that Melkor was afraid.”


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