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Feb 262017

thunderdomeThe boys are back in town!

You voted and now we’ll see these two fan favorites back under the Thunderdome for Mordor March Madness 2017!

“Will they make it to the Orc Wars Championship Round once more? Only time will tell!”

The Voting on whether or not Ufthak and Uglúk will be part of Orc Wars 2017 has come to a close and it looks like these two wanton warriors will be back in battle once more! A roar of approval carries across the plain of Gorgoroth!

UglukUfthakPollThe Mordor Community has spoken, letting its voice be heard once again in the decision to bring back the monstrous Uglúk and Ufthak into this years Mordor March Madness Orc Wars!

Here are the results from our latest Mordor Poll, showing that the Minions of Mordor want these two ferocious Uruks back in play for this years battles! With 68.42% saying YES to Ufthak and Uglúk and 31.58% saying nay to these brutish fellows. The out come is now clear and these two Uruks will have their day under the dark skies of Mordor!

For the next two weeks these two Orcs along with 62 others, will be preparing for war, by suiting up in armor, sharpening their scimitars, battle axes and even their teeth! Because these two, along the the rest will fight like Gladiators in the Mordor Thunderdome! These monster Uruks will battle to the death to make their way to the final championship round!


Next week we’ll be premiering out list of 64 Orc Cards for each of this years Uruk Warriors, who will be going into battle and there will be surprises! So keep your dark eyes open for more news news coming soon on Orc Wars 2017!

 February 26, 2017  Posted by at 9:06 am
  • Grievous1138

    Ufthak looks ready to send guts flying!