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May 032014

Grow it, cut it and stick it in a pipe!

The Mordor Pipe-weed Poll in now closed and the Winner is… Tolkien’s Old Toby remains a foliole mystery!

Here is the breakdown…

I must admit I like the outcome of this particular Mordor Poll!

For some reason, it just feels right that Tolkien’s Old Toby remain a mysterious plant found only in Middle-earth whose properties bring all the pleasures of both Tobacco and Cannabis together without any of the unhealthy side effects!

The fans of Mordor VOTED and here are the results! Old Toby is a Mystery was the resounding winner with 70.59% of the vote! Old Toby is Tobacco came in second place with 17.65% and that Wacky Tobaccy we all know as Weed came in third place Old Toby is Cannabis with 11.75%

So it looks like the Southfarthing Leaf which plays an important role in the narrative of the Lord of the Rings, showing the link between the wizard Saruman and The Shire, will remain a mystery for evermore in the minds of Mordor fans! (Or at least until the next Pipe-weed Poll!)

Now… the time is quickly approaching when we will announce the next edition of the Mordor Thunderdome! It’s going to be a battle of two vast monsters that will shake the foundations of the earth! Well… that might be a slight exaggeration, but it going to we wild nonetheless!

Buckle your seatbelts… it going to be a bumpy ride!


 May 3, 2014  Posted by at 8:07 am

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