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Aug 072017

DolGuldur1-30Icon2Dol Guldur a 1:30 Scale Diorama

The Weta Shop has now opened up the third portion of the 1:30 scale diorama Dol Guldur: North Courtyard.

“Are you in need of assistance my Lady?”  ~ Saruman

Dol Guldur North Courtyard is now here. There is only one part left to premiere, before the entire diorama for Dol Guldur is complete! This brand new line of collectibles has been unfolded slowly at the Weta Shop as they test the waters.

Go HERE to find out more

If this first 1:30 scale diorama is successful, we will likely see an entire range of new ones coming soon from both The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings films.

Deep within the ruins of Dol Guldur, spells of concealment hide a dark secret. Within the maze of gloom and thorns a grim courtyard lies, where the shadowy Necromancer summons forth the mightiest of his fell servants. Adding to the previously launched pieces of Dol Guldur, you can now get the North Courtyard as well.


 August 7, 2017  Posted by at 5:30 am

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