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Aug 112017

WarTrollIconAnother New Hobbit Collectible!

The folks at Weta Workshop have just posted yet another new Middle-earth Polystone Statue with War Troll and Helm!

“They have a War Troll!”

The War Troll with Helm sculpted from polystone is a Limited Edition of just 400 is now up for pre-order with a release date of December.

The War Troll comes with a removable helm with a separate stand, so you can choose to display your beast with it or without, as you please.

Get Your War Troll HERE

Alongside Orcs of all kinds and beyond count, the pale Gundabad Orc has brought Ogres, Wargs, and other fell creatures of war, united in bloodlust and a savage hatred for the united Elves, Lake-men and Dwarves. But mightiest of all Azog’s beasts are the colossal Trolls; thick-limbed, leather-skinned Olog-hai with long tusks and a fiery hunger in their tiny eyes.

With roughly beaten plate armour and sharpened blades strapped to their frames, these towering monsters wade through fields of their enemies, crushing and slicing foes like wheat in a harvest.


Sculpted by longtime Weta Workshop artist Greg Tozer, the War Troll makes a formidable addition to our collection of statues from The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. Revealed for the first time at San Diego Comic-Con 2016!

At 52cm (20in) tall and weighing in at over 10kg (23lbs) this truly is a giant collectible with incredible detail and huge presence that would take any collection to a new level.



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