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Apr 212018

Another Beautiful Hardcover Slipcase!

Here is our first look at the Hardcover Deluxe Slipcase Edition of the just announced The Fall of Gondolin, a new Tolkien book to the published this Summer

“I love these new deluxe editions of Tolkien’s books!”

HarperCollins has just released this first image of the Deluxe Slipcase Edition which they are now offering will most of Tolkien books currently being published.

These nicely detailed hardback editions have cloth covers with the text and graphics imprinted in golds and silvers and they offer curved slipcases for easy access to the books, which gives them a unique stylish design.

The Fall of Gondolin cover is dressed in grays and blues with gold type.


 April 21, 2018  Posted by at 5:55 am

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