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Apr 182017

HobbitHole16HILLLANE216 Hill Lane, Hobbition, the Shire!

The Weta Shop has just added a new addition to The Hobbit Environments with this new Smial with a bright yellow door!

“They were, in fact, sheltered, but they had ceased to remember it.” J.R.R. Tolkien

Here is the latest Hobbit-hole environment, number 16 Hill Lane with it’s bright yellow door and a sack of potatoes! “Taters… boil-um, mash-um stick-um in a stew!”

Scattered among the grassy hills of Hobbiton like a purse full of lost coins, the bright round doors of many dozen hobbit-holes shine in bright, summery hues, each home to a Hobbit or family of the little people.

As diverse as the rosy-cheeked Hobbits themselves, every smial, as hobbit-holes are known, reflects the unique personality of its inhabitant and nestles into the hillside amid a sea of lush greenery.

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Below Bag End a narrow path snakes its way around the Hill through thick green grass, past hedgerows and fruit trees. Halfway down Hill Lane a tall brick chimney and daisy-yellow door mark the entrance to number 16, a modest but tidy hobbit abode with an outlook over the Water toward the Green Dragon Inn.

If you’re having trouble figuring out where this hobbit-hole is located, check out the Hobbiton Map below and click for a larger view.


 April 18, 2017  Posted by at 8:43 am
  • Ruca77

    this is awesome ;D Would love to make some hotels and so as hobbit smials :))
    PS: Great artwork, where from friend? have a nice day o7

  • It was created by the folks at Weta during the Hobbit production, though it doesn’t seem to be available for purchase any more.

  • Ruca77

    Ah gotcha thanks friend 🙂 (Only now noticed the Weta at bottom right corner ;D *facepalm*)