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Aug 112017

ThorinThrone1New Hobbit Collectible

The folks at Weta Workshop have just dropped another new Middle-earth Polystone Statue with King Thorin on Throne!

“A terrible need gnaws at the soul of the King Under the Mountain.”

This Limited Edition of 750, King Thorin on Throne is the latest 1:6 scale statue from The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.

Thorin Oakenshield sits upon his broken Throne in the heart of Erebor longing for the heart of the mountain the Arkenstone.

Go HERE to get King Thorin on Throne

Devised at the Workshop in collaboration with the 3Foot6 make-up and costume department, Thorin’s look was designed to reflect his troubled state of mind. Weta Workshop concept designer Nick Keller worked with the writers to evolve the elaborate and beautiful armour. For Thorin’s equally elaborate collectible version, the figure was digitally sculpted by artist Lindsey Crummett; his throne, impossibly large on screen, carefully resized and built from wood and plastic by model-maker David Tremont. The finished piece is a perfect example of digital and physical techniques working together in harmony.



 August 11, 2017  Posted by at 1:40 pm

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