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May 032018

1:30 Scale Hill of Sorcery

Watch this complete unboxing, setup and review of the entire miniature 1:30 scale replica of the ruins of Dol Guldur from Weta Workshop, based on the set of The Hobbit films.

“You cannot fight the shadow. Even now, you fade. One light alone in the darkness.” ~ Sauron The Hobbit: BFA

Forge Hammers offers an unboxing, setup and review of the entire Dol Guldur 1:30 scale diorama from Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit Trilogy.

This scale Miniature Environment of Dol Guldur comes in four parts and currently offers 4 figures to place in the Diorama. In this review Forge Hammers reviews only the Dol Guldur environments, placing their own figures in the scene.

Weta Workshop 1:30 scale Hill of Sorcery, Dol Guldur, North Courtyard, Colonnade, Palantir Courtyard, South Courtyard, Is this the greatest Middle-earth scenery ever made? Within the ruins of Dol Guldur, spells of concealment hide a dark secret. Deep Within the maze of gloom and thorns a grim courtyard lies, where the shadowy Necromancer summons forth the mightiest of his fell servants.

Dol Guldur 1:3o Environment Unboxing & Review

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