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Aug 062017

LegolasIconLegolas is now shipping!

The 1:6 scale figure of Legolas with Cave Troll stand has been moved from pre-order to purchase and is now shipping and Asmus Toys shares a close up of the new Pippin head sculpt.

“They have a Cave Troll!” ~ Boromir

Asmus Toy has come a long ways since the release of it’s very first figures, improving almost all aspect of their line of Middle-earth figures.

They were doged in the beginning for not offering face sculpts that exactly matched the actors in the films, however they have vastly improved their craft in the last few years and if fans are still not satisfied, they will often offer new and updated versions of the heads, as they have done with the new Merry and Pippin sculpts. Here is the latest sculpt of Peregrin Took!


They have also become known for the innovated stands and props created for the figures, which has reached is zenith with this wonderful sculpt of the Cave Troll. It comes with Luxury Edition and offers a swiveling base that allows you to recreate the scenes in Moria.

And Legolas himself looks spectacular, with a very close resemblance to Orlando Bloom. These photos are courtesy of #橙默style and Dick Po.


 August 6, 2017  Posted by at 8:43 am
  • Ruca77

    great resemblance at Legolas, n1!