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Dec 062017

New Photos of the Boromir figure

Asmus Toys has just posted new photos of their 8th member of The Fellowship of the Ring to be produced in 1:6 scale… Boromir!

“You carry the fate of us all, little one. If this is indeed the will of the Council, then Gondor will see it done.” ~ Boromir, LOTR: FOTR

I believe this might be the best figure yet to come out of Asmus Toys Heroes of Middle-earth line of 1:6 scale figures!

The likeness to Sean Bean from The Lord of the Rings trilogy is phenomenal. These just posted photos come courtesy of 橙默style from the final product shoot. The are offering the figure with both sculpted and rooted hair.

Here is what Asmus Toys posted…

Just like before, the rooted hair is styled and examined by our staff one by one to guarantee that it’s closest to the movie styling. Sculpted Hair looks just as realistic and does not hinder the articulation of the head at all. In clothing and accessories, our super thin Premium Leather is used in tailoring his robe to make sure it doesn’t peel off like traditional synthetic leather. Both versions include two cloaks, one patterned cloak and one Elven cloak to match with the fellowship. Along with the dagger, the sword, the horn of Gondor and the shield, the set provides collector with infinite possibilities to pose him for your display.

Sculpted Hair Version: http://adartwork.tw-blog.com/index.php…   Rooted Hair Version: http://adartwork.tw-blog.com/index.php…

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