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The Tolkien Legendarium As It Applies To This Site

Our definition of the Tolkien Legendarium is as follows:

Any and all content that goes beyond the published writings of J.R.R Tolkien and Christopher Tolkien, such as films, video games, roleplaying games, board games, trading card games, expanded languages, illustrations and music. Basicly any media which expands on the world of Middle-earth.

The Tolkien Legendarium is by definition an augmentation of Middle-earth, such as invented characters, places, and events which are not a part of Tolkien’s written Canon, but do infact conform to the invented world. Mordor for example, is shrouded in mystery, and throughout most of Tolkien’s writings is unexplained, so here in The Land of Shadow.com we have incorprotated many different sources of non-canon content to explain or give description to areas and characters in Mordor not detailed in the books.


If you see this symbol on our site, then you know what you are reading is derived from the Tolkien Legendarium and is therefore part of the expanded world of Middle-earth that goes beyond the original text. Whenever possible, we will delineate between what we term ‘Tolkien Canon’ and the larger Middle-earth world of the ‘Tolkien Legendarium’, which may include content, places, names and characters not found in the written text of Professor Tolkien.

You can go HERE to read more about our definition of the Tolkien Canon. And HERE for a discussion on The Canon vs The Legendarium.

The Tolkien Legendarium from which he have drawn here in Mordor, includes Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings Trilogies, as well as the elements from the animated films by Ralph Bakshi and Rankin & Bass. We include many aspects from games such is Lord of the Rings: War in the North and Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. In addition we source content from The Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game for the names of the Nine Nazgûl, which Tolkien never named in full. In our interactive map of Mordor, we sourced names and places from a Map of Mordor created by New Line Cinema and exceptional cartographer Daniel Reeve, who made the maps used on both The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit films. He names locations and places never mentioned by Tolkien.

Finally, we here in Mordor have created a great deal of content of our own for use on the site. Our rule is as follows… whatever non-Tolkien content we use or invent, it MUST fit logically and thematically into the world Tolkien created.


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