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Mar 082018

Dead or Alive

Everyone left alive converges on the Hilltop community to make a last stand against the Saviors!

“Negan could be on his way here right now!” ~ Daryl

On the next episode 811 of The Walking Dead titled‘Dead or Alive’, it looks the main focus will be on Daryl and his crew of survivors from fallen Alexandria as they try to make their way alive to the Hilltop. .

Daryl pushes the survivors hard, because he’s afraid they won’t get to the Hilltop before Negan and his army does. Along with Rosita, Tera and the others, they have to make it through a swamp of walkers.

‘Dead or Alive Or’ Next on Ep. 811 | The Walking Dead

 March 8, 2018  Posted by at 7:57 am

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