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Jul 182018

A Three Part Review of The Hobbit Films

Take a moment and watch this trilogy of videos that delves deep into what was very good and very bad in The Hobbit films.

“The most honest form of filmmaking is to make a film for yourself. “ ~ Peter Jackson Brainy Quotes

YouTube reviewer Lindsay Ellis takes a look back at The Hobbit trilogy with fresh eyes and tries to give the films a fair shake.

There is a lot of truth in these videos, which offers a final autopsy of The Hobbit Trilogy of films. We all know these movies did not live up to fan expectations and these videos take a hard look into why. I think the quote above by Peter Jackson encapsulates everything that went wrong with The Hobbit films. From the get go, Peter Jackson did not want to make these films for a variety of reasons. After Guillermo del Toro dropped out, he took up the reigns and directed the films for the sake of others (the studios, the production people and the fans… but not for himself) and this in effect doomed the movies from the beginning.

Make sure to check out the in depth Mordor trilogy of reviews HERE to see our own take on all that happened during the filming and premiere of these films.

Make sure to watch all three videos to get the full picture…

The Hobbit: A Long-Expected Autopsy (Part 1/3)


The Hobbit: Battle of Five Studios (Part 2/3)


The Hobbit: The Desolation of Warners (Part 3/3)

 July 18, 2018  Posted by at 8:17 am
  • JRod

    The Maple Films Studio edit cuts everything down to a 4 hour film and fixes 90% of the problems. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byC412_ADfE

  • Random Musings

    I think the real main problem was that for (good and bad reasons) LOTR had a good few years of pre-production.
    I think for the Hobbit, if you exclude the pre-production time GDT had, Jackson only had about 6-9 months. Which may be enough time for one simple film, but certainly not for three films of this scope and scale.

    I’m pretty someon alludes to this on an extra on the BOTFA EE.