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Feb 172013

I just captured these great images of Smaug’s eye in close-up!

This is of course the ending scene from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey that shows the great Evil Eye of Smaug the Magnificent!

‘Take a look at this wonderfully detailed eye of the Great Worm Smaug!’

This is the last scene in the first film showing our very first glimpse at the great dragon in Tolkien’s grand adventure.

The camera zooms down over mountains of gold piled in the remains of Erebor. The camera slows and we see a great breath shoot out of a hill of gold coins… then the snout of Smaug emerges… more coins fall as we see the great beast roll his huge head… the side of his face becomes visible… then the camera zooms in again upon the closed eye lid of the vast head… which then suddenly pops open, revealing a sinister and deadly eye filled with malice!

These captures are from the video “VFX of The Hobbit: Fantastical Creatures & Lands of Epic Beauty & Darkness” that we posted HERE yesterday!

Source: WetaDigital Youtube

 February 17, 2013  Posted by at 11:22 am

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