Morgoth ~ Sauron ~ Witch-kingNazgûl ~ Mouth of Sauron ~ The One Ring ~ SarumanGollum ~ Worm Tongue
The Dead ~ Dark Men ~ Balrog ~ Barrow-wightsOrcs Great Goblin ~ Azog ~ Bolg ~ FimbulGorbag ~ Gothmog ~ GuritzGrishnákh
Lurtz ~ Shagrat ~ Ufthak~ Uglûk ~ YaznegTrolls ~ Ogres ~ Stone Giants ~ Werewolves ~ Vampires ~ Bill Ferny


Here you can examine each of the dark characters
that inhabit Middle-earth and thrive under the Dark Powers.


These Servants of Shadow serve the will of darkness
ever ready to align themselves with the Power of the Shadow.

Vast Armies of Shadow march across the plain of Gorgoroth!


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