Barad-dûr ~ Mount Doom ~ Sammath NaurBlack Gate ~ Vale of Udûn ~ GorgorothMinas Morgul ~ Cirith Ungol ~ Durthang ~ The Dagorlad ~ Shelobs Lair
The Old Forest ~ The Barrow DownsWeathertop ~ The Trollshaws ~ The High Fells ~ The Goblin Tunnels ~ Moria ~ Durin’s TowerLonely Mountain ~ Ravenhill
Gundabad ~ OrthancMirkwood ~ Dol Guldur ~ Fangorn ~ Emyn Muil ~ Dead Marshes ~ Paths of the DeadCarn DûmUtumnoAngbandThangorodrim


Enter these places of darkness in Middle-earth and
see where the Dark Powers have stretched out like a vast and threatening cloud that will someday lay across all the lands.


These are the Dark Domains where the Servants of Shadow
prepare for war and the coming of the day when all of Middle-earth will
bow before the Dark Powers!

Explore our interactive Map of Mordor and discover all the dark and evil places to be found within the Land of Shadow.

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