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Mar 042018

Oscar Night is Upon Us!

The biggest night in the world of entertainment is coming in just a few hours and I’m rooting for Guillermo del Toro to get his hands on some Oscar gold for his little monster flick!

“Our minds are big enough to contemplate the cosmos, but small enough to care about who wins an Oscar”  ~ Dean Cavanagh

With Middle-earth premiering on TV in 2020, we will be looking toward the Emmy’s rather than the Oscars once The Lord of the Rings comes to Amazon, but there will always be good films to cheer for at the Oscars.

There is a lot that goes into creating one of the biggest entertainment extravaganza of the year and it takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears to brings it to life. It’s Hollywood’s biggest night. This is how it’s made.

The Making of the Oscars

Guillermo del Toro is having a great year as his film The Shape of Water has been crowned through this years awards season, but tonight we will find out if those 13 Oscar Nomination will give him the biggest night of his life!

Check out this featurette with Guillermo del Toro, Mike Hill, Doug Jones and the rest of the cast!

The Shape of Water Featurette – Summoning A Water God

One of my favorite categories at the Academy Awards is for best Visual Effects and this years I like all of the contenders. Check out this Oscar video featuring Michelle Yeoh, as she demonstrates the art and craft of visual effects. Think Samwise Gamgee sinking into the waters of the River Anduin, before being saved by Frodo in The Fellowship of the Ring.

The Art of Visual Effects

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