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Mar 202017

DarkTowerTeaserPosterIcon2They’ve entered the Upside Down!

In this just released poster we see the Gunslinger, the Kid and the Man in Black in opposite ends of an upside down New York City.

“Pilgrim, there are other worlds than these. Come with us on the adventure.” Stephen King

Steven King posted this new image on his Twitter account, giving us the first official promotional poster from the film. It’s a nice touch that the filmmakers let Stephen King release this first promo!

In and odd sort of way, we are getting our first look at the Dark Tower. You can see the negative shape of the tower between the buildings. One of the literary conceits of the books is that the Gunslinger can never reach the tower. It is always seen in the distance vague and without clear definition. The Dark Tower moves and presents a confounding elusive target. So this introduction to the Dark Tower provides an interesting way to visually communicate this aspect of the story.

Here is Stephen King’s tweet…

 March 20, 2017  Posted by at 10:28 am