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Mar 172017

IM1Beauty and the Beast

Ian McKellen our favorite wizard of all time speaks out about the ridiculous drama over the role played by Actor Josh Gad’s character in the film, telling those opposed not to get so excited!

“For people to complain about it and say they don’t want children to see it is absolute rubbish,” – Ian McKellen

Sir Ian McKellen is well known for speaking out on Gay issues and standing up for LGBT Rights. Now on the promotional tour for Beauty and the Beast he speaks up on all the drama over the character of LeFou, who plays along side Luke Evan’s Gaston.

“People who don’t like the idea of gay characters appearing in fairy stories should think what they would think if they were gay themselves and why should they be excluded?” McKellen told CNN at the film’s New York premiere Monday.

Actor Josh Gad’s character in the film, LeFou, briefly dances with another male character at the end of the movie. The moment prompted Russia to restrict children under 16 from seeing “Beauty and the Beast” and one drive-in-theater in Alabama not to screen it.”


Disney also defies Malaysia Censors, and refuses to cut ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Gay moment in the film. It nice to see a movie studio stand by its creative product and not cave in to the potential loss of profit!

McKellen, who plays Cogsworth in the movie, said the scene is not “revolutionary.”

“For people to complain about it and say they don’t want children to see it is absolute rubbish,” McKellen said. “I know people who don’t like gay people and make a fuss. It’s a very small moment in the movie, no one should get too excited.”

Audra McDonald, who plays the wardrobe in “Beauty and the Beast,” said the movie is about acceptance.

Give um hell Gandalf!

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