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Aug 092017

SideShowWetaA Look Back in Time…

The Watcher in the Water is one of the most iconic creatures in Tolkien’s Middle-earth and was brought to life in horrific detail in Peter Jackson’s classic The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.

Out from the water a long sinuous tentacle had crawled; it was pale-green and luminous and wet.” ~ J.R.R. Tolkien

Before the release of the trilogy, Weta Workshop and Sideshow Toys formed a partnership to bring the iconic characters, locations and monsters to life as fan collectibles based upon the films.

Weta Workshop would of course develop its own collectible company and so the two amicably split after the conclusion of the LOTR trilogy. However, this partnership yielded an entire line of unique Lord of the Rings Collectibles under the banner of Sideshow Weta and we plan to take a look back and celebrate those first figures.

Here is the Watcher in the Water presented by LOTR Collector

 August 9, 2017  Posted by at 6:26 am
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    I can remember this price going for about £800 circa 2001/2