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Mar 152017

MESWTrailerIconThis war isn’t over.

WB Games and Monolith Productions are hosting a second livestream event on Twitch this Friday!

“The war for Mordor is about to begin!”

Andy Salisbury is the Community Manager and Writer at Monolith Productions and will be on hand for a live discussion of Middle-earth: Shadow of War.

Last week Monolith hosted their first livestream event on Twitch for Shadow of War, with an interview of Mike De Plater, VP of Creative at Monolith Productions. The haven’t released any info yet on what Fridays livestream will focus on, but if you missed the first one, go HERE to see it.

Also go HERE to the Monolith live Twitch page and HERE for the Twitter feed of Andy Salisbury.


 March 15, 2017  Posted by at 2:44 pm

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