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Mar 022017

MESWIconA week from today!

Looks like WB Games & Monolith are not letting Target’s online blunder trip up their roll-0ut of Middle-earth: Shadow of War!

The Great Deceiver has returned to Middle-earth…

I’m sure the promotional blitz for Middle-earth: Shadow of War has been in the making for months, so when Target inadvertently posted images of the packaging for Shadow of War a few days early, it actually worked in their favor to help generate even more buzz, then they might otherwise have gotten.

The game developers are preparing for a March 8th introduction to gameplay for the sequel to Middle-earth:Shadow of Mordor. How this will unfold in not yet clear, though if past Shadow of Mordor events tell us anything, it will likely be some sort of live event. When we find out more we will post it here.


War is coming. In ONE WEEK, watch the official gameplay reveal for Middle-earth: #ShadowOfWar.

Here are the latest promo images being disseminated for  this event!

 March 2, 2017  Posted by at 7:34 am
  • Ruca77

    hoho! *shivers*