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Nov 262016

talioniconJust came across this…

This concept artwork created for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor shows a noble looking and fearless Talion standing over the vanquished form of a cloaked Ringwraith.

As far as I know, this image was not used in any of the promotions for the game thus far…

The artists at Sunny Side Up Creative worked on concept images for Warner Bros. and Monolith Productions during the development of Shadow of Mordor.

In addition to their heroic character study of Talion, they also created the iconic image that shows a close up of the games protagonist with Talion’s features on the left and the wraith-like Celebrimbor on the right, revealing the duality of the character. This image has been used recently as the cover on the newly released PS4 Pro Edition of the game.

Go HERE to see hires versions of the images…


Image courtesy of Sunny Side Up Creative


 November 26, 2016  Posted by at 7:17 am
  • Ruca77

    Awesome! looking badass!
    So think this was for PS4 Pro or also already hinting for the new game?