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Feb 262017

TargetEye2Middle-earth: Shadow of War!

Some big news was dropped unexpectedly on Target’s retail website, when they posted the name and cover art for Middle-earth: Shadow of War online!

I bet the Uruks at WB Games and Monolith Productions are looking to lop off some heads!

When I first saw this, I was sure it must be an early April Fools prank posting… but sure enough it looks like retailer Target inadvertently dropped a big bomb today!

On the Target retail site HERE they posted the name and cover art for the long awaited sequel to to the 2014 Game Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor! Once word got out of their mistake, Target removed the content, but not before it showed up on NeoGRAF.


There has been no official word yet from either WB Games or Monolith Productions after the Target debacle.  The sequel is titled Middle-earth: Shadow of War and will supposedly be released on August 22 of this year. According to the listing, which has since been removed, the sequel will bring back Shadow of Mordor’s acclaimed Nemesis system, with Monolith Productions once again handling development duties.

To be honest I find it surprising that there has been no media build-up heralding it’s release like there was for the first game. I hope this isn’t just a rip-off sequel, that has little or no thought put into it. The first game was so good!  Below are images showing the packaging for a Standard and Gold edition.

As we discover more we will be posting it here in Mordor!



 February 26, 2017  Posted by at 9:02 pm
  • Windstrm99

    I love that Target and the Great Eye seem to have a lot in common there. lol

  • Ruca77

    Niceeee!! Cant wait, playing the 1st atm, and its great!