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Jun 272018

Warg Rider & Orc Chieftain

Here is our next update to Mordor’s Servants of Shadow, Yazneg, a mysterious Orc of which little is known and much speculated in the lands of Middle-earth.

“Send word to the Master. We have found the dwarf-scum.” ~ Yazneg

We continue the work of updating the Servants of Shadow in Middle-earth, here we look at Yazneg, an orc who came either from the dark dungeons of Khazad-dûm or the cold wastes of Gundabad.

This is the LAST of our our new Hero Orc Pages in The Land of Shadow.com. We updated our main Orc Pages and now one by one we’ve been adding the Hero Orc Characters from both the books and films. Yazneg is the last in the series and now we will be moving on to the Trolls of Middle-earth.

Yazneg is a memorable character from The Hobbit Trilogy and was played by John Rawls and Terry Notary at different times in the filming.

Go to Our Yazneg Page HERE

“The Dwarf-scum are over there! After them!”

Click on the link above or on the Mordor Menu under Servants of Shadow, to discover what is known of these evil creatures of darkness

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