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Apr 292018

Dungeon Master Beneath the Hill of Sorcery

Here is our next update to Mordor’s Servants of Shadow, Ufthak, the cruel Uruk of Dol Guldur, who tended the prisoners in the dungeons beneath the dark Hill of Sorcery in Mirkwood.

“This is my Master’s domain wizard. Die Now!” ~ Ufthak

We continue the work of updating the Servants of Shadow in Middle-earth, here we look at Ufthak, an orc with many names, the Jailor of Dol Guldur, the Torturer of Dol Guldur, the Orc of Gundabad, Keeper of the Dungeons and of course ‘Ufthak’ christiend here in The Land of Shadow.com.

This is the next in our new Hero Orc Pages in The Land of Shadow.com. We have updated most of our main Orc Pages and now one by one we’ll be adding the Hero Orc Characters from both the books and films.

This orc played by Conan Stevens was originally meant to be a design for Azog… then Bolg… and finally he was christened the Torturer of Dol Guldur and had a small but memorable part in The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. You can go HERE and HERE to our Hobbit Film Reviews for details on the evolution of this character.

Go to Our Ufthak Page HERE

The Jailor and Torturer of Dol Guldur

Click on the link above or on the Mordor Menu under Servants of Shadow, to discover what is known of these evil creatures of darkness

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