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Jul 212018

Turned to stone by the light of day

Here is our next update to Mordor’s Servants of Shadow, Stone-trolls, the most man-like of the Trolls to roam Middle-earth.

“There were bones on the floor and a nasty smell was in the air; but there was a good deal of food jumbled carelessly on shelves and on the ground, among an untidy litter of plunder, of all sorts from brass buttons to pots full of gold coins standing in a corner.” ~ J.R.R.Tolkien

We continue the work of updating the Servants of Shadow in Middle-earth, here is an addition to our Troll pages which delves into the Stone-trolls, who lived in the hills west of the Misty Mountains.

We are continuing the work of updating our Troll Pages with a look at the Stone-trolls, the most famous being Bert, Tom and William. Make sure to check back soon for our additional Troll Pages.

Go to Our Main Troll Page HERE and the new Stone-trolls Page HERE

“He wouldn’t make above a mouthful,” said William, who had already had a fine supper, “not when he was skinned and boned.”

Click on the link above or on the Mordor Menu under Servants of Shadow, to discover what is known of these evil creatures of darkness

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