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Jul 162018

Creatures made from the very bones of the earth…

Here is our next update to Mordor’s Servants of Shadow, the Origins of the Troll, creatures made by the hand of Morgoth’s in the dark pits of Angband.

““You are forgetting not only your family history, but all you ever knew about trolls,” ~ J.R.R.Tolkien

We continue the work of updating the Servants of Shadow in Middle-earth, here is an addition to our Troll pages which explores the dark origins of these Servants of Shadow spawned in the First Age of Middle-earth.

We are continuing the work of updating our Troll Pages with a look at how both Morgoth and Sauron created these monstrous creatures. Make sure to check back soon for our additional Troll Pages. You can also go HERE to see our old Troll page one last time…

Go to Our Main Troll Page HERE and the new Origins Page HERE

” There stood the trolls: three large trolls. One was stooping, and the other two stood staring at him.”

Click on the link above or on the Mordor Menu under Servants of Shadow, to discover what is known of these evil creatures of darkness

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