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Mar 052018

Orc-chieftain of Mount Gundabad

Here is our next update to Mordor’s Servants of Shadow, Bolg son of Azog was like his father, a great Orc Commander who led the Goblins into the Battle of the Five Armies..

“The bodyguard of Bolg, came howling against them, and drove in upon their ranks like like waves upon cliffs of sand.” ~ J.R.R. Tolkien

We continue the work of updating the Servants of Shadow in Middle-earth, here we look once more at the divergent tales of Bolg and his father Azog. Bolg would go on to command the armies of Mount Gundabad.

This is the next in our new Hero Orc Pages in The Land of Shadow.com. We have updated most of our main Orc Pages and now one by one we’ll be adding the Hero Orc Characters from both the books and films.

Go to Our Bolg Page HERE

‘Bolg at the Battle of the Five Armies.’

Click on the link above or on the Mordor Menu under Servants of Shadow, to discover what is known of these evil creatures of darkness.

Keep your eyes open, because we will continue to bring forth more of the Servants of Shadow.

Bolg Fan Art ~ by BrianFajardo


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