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Jun 012014

Much Ado About Nothing? Maybe…

James Cameron was making some rather foolish statements when he told Peter Jackson that creating The Lord of the Rings was ‘easy’ compared to making Avatar… say what?

I’m hoping he was only joking… but he did bring it up in an interview recently!

James Cameron is a great director… no one would refute that, but he’s also been know to have a rather large ego that might well rival the size of the Titanic!

While in the process of writing both Avatar Two and Three he was quoted as saying to Peter Jackson that it was easier adapting JRR Tolkien’s source material for The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.  He went on to say that…

“I’m working on Avatar 2 and Avatar 3. I was talking the other day with Peter Jackson and said, ‘You had it easy dude. You had the books when you did the second and third Lord of the Rings. I have to create my own books in my head and extract a script from it.”

Now this may have been nothing more then a bit of banter between directorial giants… but when Cameron repeated the conversation publicly in an interview, he seemed to be reinforcing the idea that he really believes it to be true!

I would imagine that both jobs are extremely difficult, bringing an idea to the big screen from scratch has it’s own challenges, but to say that adapting an existing and beloved book like The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings  is easy… is patently absurd.  I would not want to be in Peter Jackson’s shoes having to contend with hoards of rabid fans and Tolkien Purists who cry and gnash their teeth at every plot change and introduction of new material. Trying to adapt a book so that it works on film as well as in written form and satisfies both die hard fans and the average movie going audience alike, has to be a daunting task! Something that I might point out, James Cameron has never tackled. HA!

The interview didn’t include Peter Jackson’s retort to Cameron, but I’m sure PJ simply responded with Kiwi good humor, knowing full well how self indulgently wrong Cameron was.

The folks at AMC Movie News on YouTube seem to agree…


 June 1, 2014  Posted by at 6:55 am