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Feb 262023

Hilarious Sauron inspired promotion for the One Ring!

Weta Workshop put together this funny look at a modern day Dark Lord in search of his very own Precious!

This was a video short that Weta created for the 20 year anniversary of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring the first in Peter Jackson’s critically acclaimed trilogy of firms.

This will make your Sunday Morning!

The folks at Weta post the question… What if?

The Dark Lord Sauron, Lord of Mordor, Creator of the One Ring of Power, and the greatest threat to all life on Middle-earth: A being so powerful, entire nations had to form an alliance just to stand a chance of resisting his domination. Yet he ultimately failed in the final hours of battle, losing his most prized possession, and was defeated for good. Or was he?

What if the Dark Lord survived? What if he was merely biding his time, enacting cruel machinations from the shadows, yet failing time and time again. What then would he do when all hope seems lost; who could he turn to?

It been 20 years since the premiere of The Fellowship of The Ring, so we had a look at what our local Dark Lord has been up to. Times have changed, technologies have developed, and he seems to have integrated himself into modern society under the name Ron Saur; a far cry from the great ruler he once was.

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