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Dec 252015

TMC Remembers 2015

Turner Classic Movie creates an annual memorial montage video for all of the actors and creative professionals lost over the course of the year. All those who made their mark in bringing the movies to life!

This year we remember Sir Christopher Lee… along with so many others!

As 2015 winds down to a close, I thought we ought to take a moment to remember those we lost in the world of cinema this year to the vagaries of time…

This video is a wonderful way of honoring those great actors, actresses & filmmakers, who’ve made our lives richer with their talent & imagination. We’ll always remember you.

There are so many creative people who have passed this year that to name them all individually would be impossible… but you can find Sir Christopher Lee’s moment in the sun as Saruman at time marker 1:57 in this video.

 December 25, 2015  Posted by at 2:56 am
  • CT

    Always a sad time of the year to reflect on those actors/actresses who have passed. I will miss Sir Christopher the most.

  • I love Christopher lee and all his films, he is such a great actor and fabulous villain in any film that needs a bad guy.