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Feb 172018

The Hill of Sorcery

The Palantir of Dol Guldur, a vision of Smaug in War and the battle with the Nazgûl as a sort of ‘Dance of Death’, all of this and more could have been how the scenes in the ruins of Dol Guldur played out in Peter Jackson’s The Battle of the Five Armies.

“Peter asked me to work up idea for a vision Gandalf would see in a palantir of Smaug leading an army of Orcs.”  ~ Gus Hunter Lay your staff here for more »

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Feb 162018

Ruler of Goblin Town

Here is our next update to Mordor’s Servants of Shadow, the Great Goblin who ruled with an iron fist over the Orcs of Goblin Town

“Up to no good, I’ll warrant! Spying on the private business of my people, I guess! Thieves, I shouldn’t be surprised to learn! Murderers and friends of Elves, not unlikely! Come! What have you got to say?” ~ J.R.R. Tolkien
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Feb 162018

Orc Slavery Made Me Quit

A gaming fan of Middle-earth: Shadow of War was seduced by the reality of the game world created by the folks at Monolith Productions, to the point he wanted to quit and free his orc slaves from the abhorrent misery of Mordor!

“These orcs aren’t your typical video game NPC cannon fodder. They have backstories, passions, and conflicts among themselves. They’re so well rendered that I’ve become deeply uncomfortable playing the game.” ~ Matthew Gault Lay your staff here for more »

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Feb 132018

All Things Tolkien

The creative genius of Professor Tolkien will be the focus of a major new exhibition at the Bodleian’s Weston Library and today for the first time the Free Exhibit Tickets are available!

“Summer 2018 may seem a long way off but we wanted to give visitors an opportunity to mark their diaries and make plans to attend this unprecedented exhibition.” ~ Richard Ovenden Lay your staff here for more »

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Feb 112018

Behind the Scenes

In this Season 8B featurette of The Walking Dead, the cast and crew discuss the cost of this war on Rick and the Survivors and how Carl’s death will change things forever.

“They are in no way willing to back down, but they’re recognizing that by the time this is all over, they may loose a lot more then they anticipated.”  ~ Denise Huth, Co-executive Producer Lay your staff here for more »

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