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Mar 122018

Injecting new Blood into Battle!

As promised here are the lumbering and massive Trolls, who have promised to challenge the outcome of last years fighting under the Mordor Thunderdome!

“And there they were, Eight Angry Trolls!”

As we stated in our announcement post on the first of the month, we are adding eight angry Trolls into this years Mordor March Madness Orc Wars mix, to make for some ferocious new battles in 2018!

We have handpicked these badass battle trolls for their size and ferocious desire to kill and eat anything they can! We have named them the ‘Angry Eight’ and two from their ranks will be thrown into each of the four Orc War groups.

Here each of the Angry Eight, which you can see below…

Doraz-fil in the black Speech mean ‘Gate Cracker’ and Kokok is ‘the One who Bellows’ and both are Olog-hai from Mordor. Mazauk-dob means ‘One who Fights on the Battlefield’ and Naaka-thraang translates to ‘Fists of Rage’, both being Mountain Trolls from Mirkwood. Olog-bûrz translates to ‘Troll of Darkness’ and Draug-ghâsh ‘Fire Hammer’ and both are Cave Trolls from Moria. And finally we have Grish-asht meaning ‘Bloody Bone’and Mokûrz means ‘Hateful One’ and they are Hill Trolls from Rhudaur brought south to Isengard!

So here they are for you to look over… each one is powerful, massive and a foe to be reckoned with. Will these evil Trools go on to win under the Mordor Thunderdome, or will they be taken down and fed to the packs of hungry wargs pacing outside the iron dome-cage? Only you can decide!

Keep an eye open, because later today we’ll be posting all 64 Orc War 2017 Cards!

Let the bone crushing begin!

 March 12, 2018  Posted by at 9:06 am
  • TroyTroodon

    Who made these cars again?

  • I make them here in Mordor.