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Apr 052016

MordorT-shirtOrcWars1bFour Bad-ass Uruks are left standing!

We began with 64 of the meanest, most savage Uruks from across Middle-earth… and now we are down to four… Lob~zagh, Ufthak, Uglúk and Bolg!

These orcs are the baddest of the bad!

Tomorrow begins Round Five as these four Uruks square off in two Semi-final Rounds, that will determine which two Uruks will enter the Championship Round!

ThunderdomeLocationRound 5 and the final Championship Round will take place upon the plateau of Gorgoroth, beneath the shadow of Mount Doom and within view of Barad-dûr. Just Northwest of the vast base of Orodruin, lay a flattened featureless plain that sits upon a higher elevation of Gorgoroth. Just to the South lay the great Orc Camp near the base of Mount Doom.

This plain is used as a training ground for the soldier Orcs of Mordor.

In the center of this plain, sits a bowl shaped depression in the earth, which can hold thousands or Uruks.  In the center of this deep defile was built the Mordor Thunderdome. Forged in the fires of Sammath Naur, the black iron Dome was carried in parts to the site by slaves of the Dark Lord and constructed under the whips of the Uruk overseers.

The Thunderdome was built as a center of competition and entertainment for the soldiers of Mordor, but it also provides a way to settle disputes, that would otherwise break out into full fledged battles, between competing factions of Uruks. This rule is law for all… “Two Orcs Enter… One Orc leaves!”

It is here… under the Shadow of Mordor that the final battles will be fought!


So before we begin tomorrows Semi-final Rounds, lets take a closer look at these four Uruks, that will each enter the Mordor Thunderdome and whose fate will be decided in battle!

Lob~zagh ~ Soldier Orc of Minas Morgul

Born and bred in the pits of the Dark Tower, Lob~zagh was sent to serve under the shadow of Minas Morgul. This Uruk weighs in at nearly 200 pounds of pure muscle and bone, with a height of six foot, 2 inches! Being an Uruk Soldier from the Tower of Sorcery, he also carries a pale blade of Morgul, stained with deadly poison from the fetid pools and etched with Morgul Runes and spells of power. In addition, he carries an iron pike and a brutal club made from the bones of a Fell Beast.

He is outfitted in black sable cloth, leather jerkin, chain mail and armor forged in the armories of Mordor.

Lob~zagh has home team advantage and will use it for all it’s worth, having now fought four times in the Mordor Thunderdome of Gorgoroth! He knows every rend and bolt in this Thunderdome and has counted and numbered every single spike, with which to pin his enemy like a fly upon the walls of the dome!



Ufthak ~ Jailer of Dol Guldur

Born and bred in the Mountains of Gundabad, this ferocious Uruk fought alongside Azog in the Battle of Azanulbizar! He was long in the service of the Balrog of Moria, until the Shadow rose once more in Dol Guldur. Now in the service of the Necromancer, he ascended to the position of overseer in the Dungeons beneath Dol Guldur, having a talent for extracting information from those sent down to him for interrogation!

Standing at nearly seven feet and coming in at 230 pounds of solid muscle and bone, this seasoned warrior will be hard to take down.

Clothed in a leather jerkin and loincloth, his armor has been fashioned from the bones of those he has tortured and killed in the dungeons beneath the Hill of Sorcery. Flailing skin and muscle down to the bone, he has carefully assembled his armor against all comers. Finishing off his armored with chain mail and adorning himself with claw of bear, bones of beast and the blood of his victims staining his beard red! Ufthak goes into battle with a great three sided mace he has made from the giant vertebrate of a Warg. In addition, he carries a bone-knife, whip and flail.

Some believe this massive monster of an Uruk cannot be stopped, except by great magic!


Bolg ~ Spawn of Azog the Defiler

Bolg is a massive Uruk, who towers over most other orcs, standing a good seven foot, 8 inches tall, and carrying the weight of 220. This Orc of Mount Gundabad is a born leader… literately, being the son of Azog the Pale Orc! Having fought beside his father in many battles, he was trained by one of the greatest Orc generals in Middle-earth. As an Orcling, Bolg was experimented upon by his father Azog in the depths of Moria, by embedding Mithril and iron shards into his flesh to make of him a more fearsome warrior.

Clad only in a loin cloth fashioned from the skinned faces of his enemies, this ruthless monster is said to feel no pain in battle, having his armor embedded into his flesh. Great spiked pauldrons embedded in his shoulder blades act as weapons in themselves and are adorned with bear-claws of the Beornings!

Bolg carries a great mace of steel, with two sheer blades that cut flesh and bone like cheese! In addition, this seasoned warrior carries a large knife and a curved scimitar of ancient lineage.


Uglûk ~ Uruk-hai of Isengard

This giant of an Orc stands 6 foot, 9 inches tall, with a massive build of 232 pounds! Uglûk is the youngest of these four Orcs, which gives him an advantage in speed and agility, but he is also lacking in experience. Bred in the pits of Orthanc by means of sorcery, he was born of Goblin-men mixed with the blood of the great Solider Orcs of Mordor, to produce one of the most deadly races of Uruks in Middle-earth. The fighting Uruk-hai! He has the ability to fight in daylight, which gives him a big advantage over the other uruks!

Having risen to the top of the heap by killing his weaker brethren in the blood pits of Isengard, he rose quickly to the rank of Captain, because of his massive bulk and shrewd cunning, He hopes that one day, he will be General over all the armies of Isengard.

Clad in leather and thick armor, Uglûk exudes the cocky defiance that is the hallmark of these new Orcs and his armor covers and protects on his front, because his kind will never run from a fight!

Uglûk carries the innovative new scimitar never before seen in Middle-earth, along with the short straight blades fashioned in the forges of Orthanc and a whip of many thongs!


So… who do you think will win and loose in the battle of the Final Fearsome Four?

 April 5, 2016  Posted by at 10:22 am
  • Random Musings

    You don’t come to the site in a few days and you come back to Lurtz’s mangled body and innards sprayed everywhere! Well I’m not clearing it up…..

  • Roberto Took

    I had looked away in horror as I saw Lurtz closing in on Ugluk. Must’ve missed some amazing comeback!
    Go Ugluk
    My favorite is in the Fearsome Four

  • Roberto Took

    Also I had guessed Badzurz would beat Lob-zag

  • Grievous1138

    For Bolg! The son of Azog shall cut em all to bits!

  • CT

    Yes, the original Bolg concept will reign victorious!

  • Grievous1138

    Not on my watch. Ufthak shall learn the meaning of pain!

  • CT

    I’d say I’m really looking forward to seeing Ufthak mop the floor with Bolg’s head…….but from the look of thing’s so far, Bolg will be worm food long before the finals that place……

  • Grievous1138

    I must summon my fellow orcs to fight!

  • CT

    Good luck with that….last time I looked there’s only 4 orcs standing and I highly doubt the other 3 are going to lend a hand to the one-eyed spawn of Azog the Defiled……

  • Roberto Took

    As the sons of Azog go I perfer Mazog, however non-canonical he may be…

  • CT

    As far as the sons of Azog go, I prefer them all dead and buried….looks like I’m going to get my wish where Bolg is concerned. LOL

  • Roberto Took

    I’m sure Azog’s gotten around to having more children than this, being the very famous orc he is.