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Mar 182016

Battle1Get Back in the cage!

Dalug-hai and Narzug of the Mirkwood are being sent back in the Mordor Thunderdome to finish off their battle to the death!

There’s only one way out of the Mordor Thunderdome… you either walk out, or they drag you out in a body bag!

The crowd is roaring as orcs of every size and shape crawl up the sides of the Thunderdome and cling there, rooting for their favorite Uruk!

The sound is deafening as the Black Númenórean makes himself heard above the raucous din!

Now it’s time to pit Dalug-hai and Narzug against one another again… and this time two orcs enter… one orc leaves! It is the law of the Thunderdome and none can escape it!

You now have exatly one hour to vote! The poll closes at 10AM! So vote now while you still can!

And the winner is Narzug!

The weaselly little devil won the day with trickery and deceit, just like any self-respecting orc would!



 March 18, 2016  Posted by at 5:59 am
  • CT

    Congrats to Narzug [the rat]. As his reward he gets to face Yazneg in Round 2.

  • Grievous1138

    Yazneg will destroy Narzug though.

  • Go Narzug! “Sha hakhtiz khunai-go, Golgi!”

  • CT

    Is that Orcish for “I sold out my race to save my neck”?

  • Haha! Unfortunately for him, he only had his wretched head freed from his miserable shoulders. 🙂

  • CT

    With my recent Gothmog prediction blowing up in my face……I think I’m going to pass on making any more predictions. LOL

  • CT

    Thrandruil did keep his word….sort of. LOL