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Mar 172017

OrcWars2016BracketIconRound One is now over!

For the last two days Uruks across Middle-earth have fought one-on-one under the Thunderdome and now the victors prepare for Round Two!

“We’re not goin’ no further, till we’ve had a breather!”

Orc Wars 2017 is well underway and the Uruks that survived the first round are cheered on by the orcs of Middle-earth, and those that did not… well, the Wargs of Gorgoroth were fed well last night!

So here is the update Orc Wars Bracket with all the new match-ups! I must say some of the results are surprising! The Uruks from Shadow of Mordor did better then I expected and some of those that fell early last year have a good chance in the next round of fighting!


In the Mordor Thunderdome Rat-bag and Nazdûg from Shadow of Mordor beat out last years winners in this round Craklásh and Guritz! And there was and upset with Gothmog beating out Badzûrz!

In the Mirkwood Thunderdome Shadow of Mordor Uruk Zûmug won, while Dûsh-kra became Warg meat under the mighty flail of Maugoth! The upset in Mirkwood was Barash who tramppled over last years winner Radbug.

In the Moria Thunderdome the Shadow of Mordor orc Ghâsh-kaar smacked down his competition, while Ghûra fell to Bolg. No surprise there! The upset here was Slith-rat, who took down Sadaauk with his pike!

In the Isengard Thunderdome both Târz-gra and Sorr-gash of Shadow of Mordor took down there nemesis’s giving no quarter! The rest of this group saw no up-sets from last years battles!

Tomorrow the blood-thirsty thirty-two will engage in battle, in Round Two of Mordor March Madness Orc Wars 2017!


 March 17, 2017  Posted by at 9:02 am
  • Roberto Took

    Noooo. Poor Jiz-rag

  • Grievous1138

    Woohoo! Forth, Ufthak! Slaughter the competition!