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“On This Day in Mordor” is a chronicle of the War of the Ring
from the vantage point of Mordor, from April 3018 to the fall of Sauron in March of 3019.

Here we explore not only the mind of Sauron as he strives to recapture the One Ring
and prepares to assault Middle-earth, but also we follow the Nazgûl, Saruman, the Mouth of Sauron, Orcs, Balrogs, perhaps even the thoughts of spiders and wargs!
We will follow all the Dark Creatures of Shadow and the parts they play in the final battle for Middle-earth.

This list of days, follows the line of the books rather than the films, and though we are imagining what would be in the mind of Sauron and his minions…
the writings here will always stay within the strictures of the Tolkien Canon. However the content found in these pages is strictly fictional and they fall
within the realm of the Tolkien Legendarium.

Over the course of a year from April to March of next year, we built this Timeline of Mordor one day at a time.
We structured our Timeline in much the same way Professor Tolkien built his in the Appendices of The Return of the King.

You can lay your staff upon each of the dates below and it will take you to the individual pages detailing the events
of that particular day in The Land of Shadow.

The Third Age of Middle-earth the Year 3018


April 6          The Dark Lord prepares to launch his first major assault on Middle-earth

April 14         Sauron commands his Servant Saruman to the Palantir for questioning

April 19         A band of  Black Uruks leg it across Gorgoroth with a message for Minas Morgul

April 30        Sauron gathers all evil creatures unto him, within the mountain walls of Mordor



May 9            News has come to Mordor from Dol Guldur about the vile creature Gollum

May 13          Uruks sent from the Dark Tower on a secret errand in the North

May 16          The Mouth of Sauron waits upon his Master in the Throne Room of Barad-dûr

May 22         The Black Gate of Mordor opens to Easterlings of Rhûn, savage men of the East

May 29         Shagrat watches over the pass of Cirith Ungol waiting for Uruks from Lugbúrz



June 3           Orcs from Mordor travel north to Khazad-dûm, the Black Pit of Moria

June 12         With the Palantir of Barad-dûr, Sauron calls forth the first assault

June 20         On the night of the new Moon the first assault against Osgiliath begins

June 29         Saruman stands under a sickle Moon atop the lofty pinnacle of Orthanc



July 1             The Dark Lord sends out an urgent summons to the Nine Nazgûl

July 10          Saruman awaits the coming of Gandalf Greyhame

July 20          Gollum slips away from the Black Uruks of Dol Guldur

July 26          The Nazgûl stand before the throne of the Dark Lord

July 31          The Man of Rhûn stood upon the plain and watched the courier from the Dark Tower



August 8       Everywhere the spies of Mordor crept, spying out the lands of the West

August 16     The Orcs suffered the wrath of the Dark Lieutenant of Dol Guldur for losing Gollum

August 25     Gollum crosses the great River and find his way deep into Khazad-dûm

August 31     The Orc Camp at the base of Mount Doom boils like an anthill



Sept 7            The Nazgûl ride forth concealed as riders in black in search of the Ring

Sept 13          The Lord of the Nazgûl waits beside the great river Anduin

Sept 18          Gandalf Greyhame escapes Orthanc as the Nazgûl cross the River Isen

Sept 22          The Black Riders reach Sarn Ford and drive off the Rangers of the North

Sept 23          A Black Rider comes to Hobbiton at nightfall

Sept 25          Four Black Riders meet upon the Brandywine Bridge at night

Sept 28          A deadly fog descends upon the Barrow Downs

Sept 30          The Black Riders attack Buckland and Bree on this dark September night



Oct 3              Gandalf is attacked at night on Weathertop by the Nine Nazgûl

Oct 6              Five of the Nazgûl attack the dell below Weathertop

Oct 11             The Nazgûl Engage Glorfindel upon the Bridge of Mitheithel

Oct 20            The Black Riders Race to the Ford of Bruinen

Oct 31             The creature Gollum discovers he is trapped in the halls of Moria



Nov 8             Wormtongue rides to Isengard in the dead of night

Nov 13            Word has reached Barad-dûr that the Nazgûl have failed!

Nov 23            Nazgûl reenter Mordor through the Black Gate!

Nov 29            The Balrog of Moria takes audience with an Emissary from Dark Tower



Dec 4               The Lord of the Nazgûl takes to the air upon the winged Fell Beast

Dec 14             The Messenger from Mordor comes to Erebor for the last time

Dec 24             The Dark Lord has withdrawn all of his spies in to hiding

Dec 31              Saruman was called once again to the Palantir of Orthanc


The Third Age of Middle-earth the Year 3019


Jan 8                Crebain fly over all the lands of Eregion and Enedwaith



Feb 14             The Dark Lord feels the presence of the One Ring

Feb 23             The Nazgûl waited in the darkness upon the eastern shore of the River Anduin

Feb 25             The first stroke against Rohan takes place at the Fords of Isen

Feb 27              Gollum followed the dirty little thieves who stole the Precious



Mar 1                Upon the Eastern Shore of Anduin the Nazgûl waits in the shadows

Mar 5                Sauron looked deep into the Palantir of Orthanc

Mar 10             The Dawnless Day breaks upon Middle-earths

Mar 15             The Witch-king’s assault on the Gate of Minas Tirith

Mar 20             The Shadow withdraws into the confines of Mordor

Mar 25             Here… at the end of all things!


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