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Sep 252013

Four Black Riders Meet Upon the Brandywine Bridge

The hour is getting late and the moon slips down below the trees, as four riders in black cross the bridge to the eastern shore of the Brandywine River.

Under the cloak of darkness there comes the stealthy sound of horses moving along the road outside the Northern Gate of Buckland.

In the shadow of the trees not far from the gate, the four riders dismount and whisper quietly in thin menacing voices.

Over the last two days the riders have been slowly closing in upon the haflings, who have tried futilely to escape them.

Only hours before, they had been seen crossing the ferry into a place between the river and the forest, that the little people call Buckland. It was decided that one of the four Riders would take to the East Road and watch to see if any of the halflings tried to escape through the woods that bordered this land to the east. The three remaining Riders would circumvent the gate down by the rivers edge and begin searching for the halflings. They knew the halflings were making for a secret house in in this part of their country. These little people were no match for the servants of Mordor and in the dark they will be taken and carried off to the Land of Shadow!

As the cold hour before dawn passes, one rider mounts his steed and gallops off into the gray darkness along the East Road. The three remaining Riders walk their horses down to the Rivers edge, skirting the Buckland Gate. Around the further side, they mount their black steeds and ride south along Buckland Road to the ferry over which the halflings have crossed.

In the slowly growing light of dawn, they came upon Bucklebury ferry. The land is cover in a silver mist that moves along the rivers edge.

They stand silent beside the gentle waters of the Brandywine, swaying slightly… sniffing the air. They can feel the presence of the Ring, though here in this distant land, far from the mountain of fire in which it was forged, the Ring’s presence is weakened. They know the one who carries the Ring, stood upon this very spot only hours before, but they cannot be sure exactly were it now lay hidden.

As morning dawns in Bucklebury, the Riders begin searching once more for the name of Baggins, before the day is done, they will hear tell of a place called Crickhollow and of a house upon a deserted lane.

In the gloomy black of night, they will descend upon this place and strike terror in any who dare stand before them. It will not be long now, before the One Ring of Power is once more upon the hand of it”s Master!

Lay your staff on the link below to follow the Time-line of the War of the Ring from the Eye of Mordor.

The Mordor Appendices ~ The Time Line of the Year 3018 ~ 3019

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