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Oct 062013

Five of the Nazgûl attack the dell below Weathertop

The Road has been watched by the Servants of Sauron for many days now. There has been no sign upon the road of the haflings, until the sixth day of October.

The daylight begins to fade as afternoon wains and clouds creeping out of the East have obscure the sun.

The Riders meet upon the Road west of Amon Sûl in the full light of day. Under the sun their power is weakened, but night falls and with it comes the power of terror.

There is still enough light in the sky to make the world seem vague and shadowy to the riders, but they know their enemies stand even now upon the summit of Weathertop. They can feel the presence of the One Ring… so near… so very near.

The Riders now number five. and their Black Captain is counted among them. The other four have ridden East to track the movements of the Grey Wizard. If they lose his scent, they will simply wait near the Ford of Bruinen, should these traitors and brigands escape them once more.

After meeting upon the Road, the five servants of Mordor vanish into the shade under the trees west of Weathertop. They will wait in a small vale along the northern reaches of the Road until nightfall.  Under cover of darkness, they will surround the one who had tried to flee from them, and capture the One Ring of Power here in the lonely wastes of wilderland.

Fear has ever been their greatest weapon, but here in the North they are far from the power of Mordor, and now they now numbered only five. If they are unable take the Ring through fear, then they will lay a wound upon the one who dares posses the Master’s Ring, with a fell Morgul Blade. Then they need only wait until he fades, and so became like themselves… only weaker and easy to control. Then the Ring will be theirs!

Shadows lengthen across the weathered hills as darkness falls. Only the topmost crown of Amon Sûl is still bathed in the purple hues of dusk. Night descends swiftly on Weathertop.

The Riders emerge from the dark of the vale in which they lay hidden until full night falls. They make for the Road and begin to silently ride East, until they come under the deeper shadow of Weathertop. The hill rears up before them, a black conical shape silhouetted against the night sky. The moon begins to rise behind the great hill.

The Riders leave their black steeds and cross over the road toward the large bowl-like dell that sits under the western flank of the tall hill. They wait in the darkness until the night is in it’s fullness. As the moon rises across the sky and baths the western edge of the dell in a sickly pale light, the Wraiths begin to move toward the western lip of the dell.

The Lord of the Nazgûl ascends the outer slope of the small vale. In a semicircle around him the four other Ringwraiths slowly mount the hill, their black cloak’s fluttering in the chill breeze that comes out from the East. As they mount the rise of the hill, they can smell the fear of their enemies. The Black Captain of the Nazgûl begin to exert all his power upon the Ringbearer, he commands him to put on the Ring… then he will be fully revealed to them, naked before the power of Mordor.

These small creatures appear fat, foolish and stupid, however they have had the wits to elude the pursuit the most deadly Servants of Mordor for nine days. The Lord of the Nazgûl will no longer suffer this creatures willful denial of the Master! He bends all of his will upon the one who holds the Ring. Suddenly, like a blaze of pale flame, the hafling is  revealed to them. At the command of the Wraith-king, the five deadly servants of Mordor move in upon their enemy!

Lay your staff on the link below to follow the Time-line of the War of the Ring from the Eye of Mordor.

The Mordor Appendices ~ The Time Line of the Year 3018 ~ 3019

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