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Nov 082013

Wormtongue Rides to Isengard in the Dead of Night

Under the cover of darkness Grima Wormtongue, adviser to King Théoden of Rohan rides to Isengard to bring secret messages to Saruman.

Théodre, the son of the King and heir to the throne of Rohan is marshaling the riders of the Mark in preparation for war against Isengard.

Grima Wormtongue, the secret spy of Saruman rides north across the fields of the Rohirrim. He must warn Saruman of a growing threat.

Grima felt a deadly chill upon his back as he whippped his horse to even greater speeds northwest to his true Master who sits waiting in the Tower of Orthanc.

Théodred, the son of King Théoden has taken the words of Gandalf the Grey as truth, despite Grima’s protests that the wizard Saruman has ever been their friend and neighbor. Grima has warned the King that the words of Gandalf Stormcrow are false or misguided and so has delayed as long as possible the marshaling of the soldiers of the Rohirrim.

It is full night upon the dark plains of Rohan. A silver mist is carried by a fast moving wind that swirls across the deserted grasslands. A large company of the mounted Rohirrim ride hard to the east seeking orcs upon the Eastfold. Sent by none other then Wormtongue himself, so that the passage northward to Isengard would be cleared of the Riders of the Westmark. They will find no Orcs upon the east bank, nor any sign that Orcs have passed the waters of the Anduin into their realm. By the time they have returned to Edoras, Grima will be back safely ensconced at the King’s side.

Grima crosses the waters of the river Isen and comes to the Iron Gate of Nan Curunír, the Wizard’s Vale. He gives the secret passwords known only to a few and is admitted into the portcullis that cuts through the south wall. As Wormtongue exits the other side of the dark tunnel onto the plain that surrounds the black tower, he is greeted by two massive wargs snarling and champing at the bit as two great Uruk-hai hold them in check. The great soldier orcs sit upon their beasts, grinning with murderous intent. Grima hurries past them on his way to the tower, looking left and right with heavy lidded eyes. Everywhere there is the rumor of war, fires burn as the engines of battle are being forged under the night sky.

The Wizard Saruman had long since mastered the mind of Grima Wormtongue. He had given him subtle poisons and taught him words of power to use upon the King that would continue to weaken a mind already deeply lost in fear and doubt. Grima had shown great promise in the ways of leechcraft.

Wormtongue pauses before the steps of the vast tower and shivers at the thought of bringing Saruman news of the King’s men to his Master. He knows the wizard will be filled with a white wrath when he hears of that the son of the King now believes in the treacherous words of Gandalf the Grey. Théodred had sent men to the gate of Orthanc to call upon Saruman not more then a week before and they had been turned at away. This was done without the knowledge of King Théoden and so Wormtongue had been unable to stop them. The men, upon returning to Edoras had been attacked by a large force of Orcs bearing the mark of the White Hand. Unfortunately, a few of the men had escaped and returned to Edoras with tales of Orcs and Wargs under the command of the traitorous Saruman. This confirmed the words of Gandalf and the worst fears of  Prince Théodred. Challenging the words of his father, he had begun to marshal the troops of Roahn in preparation of war.

Grima wondered how much longer he could play this game of cat and mouse with the Kings men. Soon the full extent of Saruman’s treachery would be made known and Grima gambled that by then it would be too late to avenge his part in the plans of the great Wizard. Grima ascended the black steps of Orthanc and entered the dark door into the Tower of Treachery.

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