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Nov 292013

The Balrog of Moria takes audience with an Emissary from Dark Tower in the Land of Shadow

In the upper Chamber of the Twenty-first Hall, a vast shape of shadow sits waiting upon a throne built from Dwarven stone.

Great cauldrons of fire line the walkway up to the great carved seat, upon which this demon of the ancient world sits

A figure cloaked all in black approached the great throne, flanked by 20 of the large Black Uruks from Barad-dûr.

The figure bowed, but did not lowers his eyes to the vast creature of darkness before him. He feared no servant of shadow, because he was cloaked in the power of his Master, the Dark Lord of Mordor.

In a high window that looked down upon the great chamber a small creature lay hidden, deep in the shadows. It clung to the rocks, hissing in the darkness of Khazad-dum . Gollum watched in fear as the mighty shape of the Balrog rose up and hovered over the  small figures below him. It seems as though vast wings of shadow stretched out on either side of the carven throne. Suddenly the creature reached out it’s hand to the fire that burned in large cauldrons upon either side the stone seat. The shadow burst into flame and the creatures roar shook the very foundations of the dwarven hall.

The man seemed very small before this immense demonic shape, but he did not bend or shrink back before the fire. He stood his ground though the Uruks that stood behind him cowered in fear. The dark man held a hidden power that was not daunted by the Flame of Udûn, fore he was a Black Númenórean and a great sorcerer in his own right. He raised aloft a great staff of iron, which held a red stone that glowed like a flaming eye upon it’s top. The Balrog’s flame was extinguished and his power diminished before the emissary of the Dark Lord.

The two powers stove thus with one another as they conversed in the Black Speech. One spoke with a deep guttural and booming voice, while the others words fell like honey dripping from the mouth of a snake. Gollum knew not what they said, but their words pierced him like darts of fire and filled him with such a fear that he began to hiss and whine loudly to himself. In the great hall even small sounds were amplified and echoed off the dark walls. Gollum saw torches moving below him and he realized he had been heard. He withdrew into the darkness of the tunnel and fled deeper into the mountain.

The Balrog and the Black Emissary from Mordor concluded their speech and soon after, messages were sent back to the Land of Shadow. Alliances has been rekindled and forces from Mordor would soon be sent to Moria, to help fortify the dark Kingdom under the mountain.

The Mordor Appendices ~ The Time Line of the Year 3018 ~ 3019

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