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Nov 132013

Word has reached Barad-dûr that the Nazgûl have failed!

The Shadow swirls around the Dark Tower like a terrible storm over the plain of Gorgoroth. The anger of the Dark Lord is felt by all who serve him.

The servants of the Enemy cower and cover their heads as the will of their Master rages over the Valley of Terror in the Land of Shadow.

The air is filled with lighting and thunder, that crashes down upon the bitter and wasted desert of Mordor. The ground trembles with a vengeful wrath, that erupts from Mount Doom and rains down upon the Valley of Terror in the Land of Shadow.

Messages have come from Dol Guldur that the Nine Ringwraiths have failed to recapture the One Ring of Power. They have been unhorsed and driven down among the rocks and stones by waters of the Bruinen. The Nazgûl have been turned back by the power of Rivendell. The wraiths are now shapeless and without form as they creep back to their master. Worst of all, the Ring is now in the hands of the Elves who will certainly understand it’s full power.

The raging storm over Mordor begins to subside as Sauron broods over the fate of the Ring.  How could a halfling stand against the will of Sauron? This small creature is certain to have had aid from the meddling grey wizard and of course the Eldar, ever his enemy through the long years. There can be no doubt now, that those who stand against him must know that this ring is indeed the One Ring! They will do everything in their power to keep it from him, but Sauron knows that inevitably, one will rise and take the Ring to wield it against him. This has always been the Dark Lords greatest fear, but if he moves quickly Sauron believes he can crush any opposition before the one who wields it can gain the strength to oppose him.

One among the so called ‘Council of the Wise’ will eventually take the ring for their own. Will it be Elrond the half-elven in Rivendell? Perhaps, for though he is indeed one of the Eldar, he has the blood of men in his vains and so carries their weakness. He has the ring in his very grasp. Will he take it?

Or will it be the elf -witch that has long stood always against him in Lothlorian? She was the one behind the attack on Dol Guldur, forcing Saruman to lead the attack on his forces.

And what of Saruman himself? Sauron has not been blind to the treachery behind the the White Wizard. Creating his own armies in Isengard that he secretly hopes will someday be strong enough to stand against Mordor. Only with the Ring would Saruman dare to stand against him and even then, he will not have the strength to hold out against the full might of Mordor whne it is brought to bare.

So that leaves Gandalf the Grey, the meddlesome Istari.  This Mirthrandir as the elves call him,  has long been interested in the haflings, guessing the whereabouts of the Ring long before even Sauron himself and yet he did not have the wit to use it. No… the grey pilgrim does not have the power or the will to wield the Ring.

There can be no doubt that one among his enemies will eventually take up the Ring and wield it against him. There will be a time of strife and conflict and then the one who bears the Ring will show himself. The he must strike and strike hard. All of the power of Mordor will be bend upon defeating the one who has the Ring.

The wrath of Sauron rose again, like a mighty storm. The One Ring had been so close… almost within his grasp. The Nazgûl will suffer for their failure. but they will still be needed in the coming war. He must tread carefully now, he must know what those who hold the Ring are doing.

The great Eye in the Dark Tower looks north to Rivendell, his forces in the Northern Mountain of Gundabad will soon be called upon to move against Rivendell if his enemies decide to keep the Ring hidden there. But first he must have more news, even now his spies are moving northward along the Misty Mountains.

Ever northward the Eye of Sauron searches for news of the Ring.

The Mordor Appendices ~ The Time Line of the Year 3018 ~ 3019

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