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Jul 262013

The Nazgûl stand before the Throne of the Dark Lord

The wraiths wait upon their Master, his urgent call had summoned them from the four corners of Mordor

The great Eye in the Dark Tower burns with malice.

In the heights above Gorgoroth, at the top most tier of Barad-dûr the Chamber of the Eye is filled with Shadow and Flame.

The Eye of Sauron strains Northward, seeking answers… searching deep into the West past the gray wall of the Misty Mountains. The time was fast approaching when the Dark Lord must reveal to his intentions for Middle-earth. The Armies of Mordor were vast and ever growing. Each day more men from Khand, Rhûn and Harad marched into the Black Gate or came North up the Nurn Road through the Gap of Nargoth or come west along the East Road through the pass of Seregoth. This vast force of men and orcs and troll settled upon the plain of Gorgoroth under the watchful eye in the Dark Tower. Soon all would be ready and the hammer stoke would fall in many places at once.

However, the mind of Sauron was consumed with the finding of the Ring… the One Ring of power cut from his hand by the dogs of Númenor. Now the ring has been found at last! The location of this land of Shire has been found and there is no doubt that “Baggins” the halfing who dares posses the ring even now hides in a hole in the ground.

The Eye… lidless and wreathed in Shadow and Flame withdraws into the Well of the Eye…

Veils of Shadow surround the Dark Tower once more… there is great doubt now… the One Ring is almost within his reach, but Sauron fears the rise of another… one powerful enough to take the Ring and stand against him. Word has just come from Isengard, that the wizard Mithrandir has been captured and is now held in Orthanc. There is no doubt now that Sauron’s enemies know that this ring is indeed the One Ring of Power. Saruman believes this grey wizard has told  no one yet of what he knows, that even the one who posses the ring may not yet understand it’s power.

Sauron knows that he must move move very carefully now. The ring may well slip from his grasp if he does not choose carefully. More spies are due any day now, coming south from the far West with more news about this land of Shire.  Also, this Gandalf Grehame will need to be questioned. If possible, this traitor must be brought to the Tower of Barad-dûr and interrogated… slowly. Oh so very slowly, by one who can extract every ounce of information. However, Sauron knows from a millennium of waiting, that moving too quickly now, without considered thought he may well spell disaster. Sending an army of force into the north is far too risky… no a mission of secrecy is needed here. His most faithful and deadly servants must be sent forth to find the Ring.

If Sauron gains the Ring his control of Middle-earth will be assured. There are now none who can stand against him. The Eldar have faded… and Númenor has fallen into decay and corruption. The North Kingdom of Arnor decimated and Gondor too shall soon fall without a King to lead them. This will come to pass even without the Ring, but Sauron craves the surety of power that his possession of the Ring will bring… all the lands of Middle-earth will soon fall into endless Shadow and despair!

The Spirit of Sauron descends from the Well of the Eye into the Chamber of Fire below… he sits upon his throne that looks out to a window in the west, to the fires of Orodruin, where all of other powers in Middle-earth are subdued. The Nine emerge from the shadows and stand before him. Soon it will be time to send them forth to find that which Sauron seek above all else.

Lay your staff on the link below to follow the Time-line of the War of the Ring from the Eye of Mordor.

The Mordor Appendices ~ The Time Line of the Year 3018 ~ 3019

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