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Jul 202013

Gollum slips away from the Black Uruks of Dol Guldur

The hated white face had finally fallen behind the mountains and there was a deep darkness in the forest surrounding them.

Gollum fringed sleep and bided his time…

The hour was getting late and night was passing. The group of twenty or so Black Uruks were only about 9 leagues from Dol Guldur, but the orcs had been given orders to wait.

A small band of filthy snaga trackers had come upon the larger group of Uruks just as night was falling. The Soldier Orcs of Dol Guldur had been ready to move on and make the final march to the fortress in Southern Mirkwood, but they had been told to halt and await further orders. A much larger contingent of Orcs was coming down from Moria to meet them, because a force of rebel Elf-scum had been spotted on the western edge of the forest, between their camp and Dol Guldur. Sent by the filthy elf-witch no doubt, that lived in the stinking woods across the river. These vicious brigands and elvish rebels with their night eyes were not to be taken lightly.

The Black Uruks of Dol Guldur, who had smuggled Gollum out of the woods in the north, had been holed up for the last few weeks in a hidden orc camp deep in one of the darkest parts of the forest. They had been told to wait there with the little foot pad, until the traitorous elves from the north had stopped searching the woods to the south and returned to their dirty elvish anthill. The Uruks had hunkered down in the dark orc caves for many days, not daring to venture out at night after two of their number had been taken by spiders. However, when the moon was nearly spent again, they left the caves and made their final march to Dol Guldur. That is, until they were stopped by the sniveling little trackers with orders to wait for the rabble from Moria.

Now, the dark of night was nearly spent and if they waited any longer, they would be forced to hide under the boughs of the trees for another full day. The leader of the Black Uruks had just made the decision to disobey the orders of the snaga and make a run for the hill of Dol Guldur, which they could just make out in the far distance. It was in that very moment they heard the sound of iron shod feet and the harsh cries of their brethren from the Black Pit coming down along the ridge.

As the much larger group of Orcs from Moria came down upon the Black Uruks of Dol Guldur, there was must jostling, cursing and confusion.

Gollum saw his chance. The ugly brute that had him slung over his back was also the same Orc who had whipped him in the orc caves simply for amusement. But the tricksy Orc was going to get his… oh yes precious!

Unknown to the guard, Gollum had chewed through his bonds as he lay pretending to sleep. Moments before, the same beastly orc had kicked him hard, grabbed him up and slung him across his back to carry him. Gollum had waited for this moment for many days and now the time had come. The evil Uruk had been standing at the front of the group as they prepared to depart, but all the orcs turned when they heard the foul folk of Moria descending the hill behind them. This now placed his guard at the back of the group near the trees.

Gollum knew it was now or never.

With his hands free, he reached around and grabbed the long curved blade the orc carried across his back. Gollum pulled it from it’s sheath and before the stinking orces knew what what happening, the knife had been driven deep into his neck. He fell silently like a sack of potatoes.

Not waiting to see if the other orcs had spotted his escape, Gollum jumped off the dead orc onto all fours and scrambled silently into the trees. He was far into the darkness of the forest, before the sounds of pursuit began. The orcs had good trackers, but none could match the skills of Gollum. As silent as a black squirrel and as cunning as a spider of Mirkwood, Gollum disappeared into the darkness without a trace.

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