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Jul 102013

Saruman awaits the coming of Gandalf Greyhame

Spying flocks of Crebain have come to the Wizard warning him that Gandalf rides hard towards Isengard this very night.

Soon the meddling fly will be caught in the spiders web!

The hour is late… the moon has long ago set and the darkness over the plain circling Orthanc is complete. Saruman has called upon his Orcs and Wargs to pull back from the road that travels from the Iron Gate to the Tower.

No… it would not do to forewarn the intended that the spider lay in wait.

Gandalf  the Grey will soon be held prisoner in the Tower of Orthanc. Fore he holds knowledge that Mordor desperately seeks… and yet why should not Saruman benefit from this knowledge as well. In the wilderness of the north a power looms… the power of the One… and Gandalf knows exactly where this power lay hidden. Saruman hopes first to persuade Gandalf to join with him… to join with the new power rising in Middle-earth. A power that will not be denied.

The supremacy of Mordor has grown. Through the Palantir the wizard has been shown the vast forces massing in the East and soon to be arrayed against the West. There is an Eye in the Dark Tower. The Lord of Mordor sees all,  his gaze pierces cloud, shadow, earth and flesh. The great Eye… lidless… wreathed in flame! Against such power there can be no victory.

Unless… together… with the power of the One Ring at their disposable, they might dare stand against the forces of Mordor.

Saruman looks down upon the plain of Isengard. In the darkness it’s power lay hidden. A vast army ready to be unleashed upon Rohan. But the wizard knows that he does not have the forces yet to stand against Mordor, even if he was able to gain the Ruling Ring, the power in Mordor is too great, it’s armies growing in number each day. No… even with the Ring upon his own hand, he could not stand against such reckless power, not all at once. If Saruman placed the Ring upon his own hand, Sauron would call forth the full wrath of Mordor upon Isengard!  However, if Gandalf could be persuaded deliver to him the One Ring, then the Three Rings that the elves posses would have no choice but to stand with him against Mordor. Their combined powers may well be enough to stem the dark tide that will surely roll forth out of the Land of Shadow across the plain of the Dagorlad.

The vast forces of Mordor directed against Lothlorin and Isengard may well destroy all the lands between them, but it would also buy them the necessary time needed for Saruman to harness the power of the Ring, to turn the forces of Sauron against him. Once the Dark Tower has been brought to heel, Saruman could then begin the ordering of Middle-earth. Of course there should only be one to rule the lands of the East, West, North and South… one to rule them all…  one who has the Ring of Power upon his hand and the wisdom to know how to use if for the betterment of Middle-earth.

Saruman believes that only he has the neseccary wisdom to order the world of men… Gandalf will surly see this. However, if this wise course does not appeal to him, then he will remain a prisoner in Isengard, until he is ready to give up the one who possesses the Ring. If Orthanc is unable to persuade Gandalf Greyhame of his foolishness, then the interrogators of Barad-dûr surly will.

A message comes upon dark wings, that a rider has just passed through the iron gate. Saruman smiles a secret smile as he descends down to the door of Orthanc and waits upon the steps for his old friend.

Lay your staff on the link below to follow the Time-line of the War of the Ring from the Eye of Mordor.

The Mordor Appendices ~ The Time Line of the Year 3018 ~ 3019

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